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Easy to follow, affordable, one on one and online lessons.
"He really cares about his students. Jeff always asks
how our son's day is going, and always encourages
questions. Any parents that want their children to learn
about drumming and music should get scheduled with
Jeff. -
Bob F
"We have had a great experience working with Jeff. He is
terrific teacher for our son, and a great role model. We
feel fortunate to have found Jeff and love how he is able
to explain and pass on his knowledge to our son."
Samantha S
Jeff has helped our son in many ways. He helped him
prepare for marching band and jazz band, as well as let
him use the recording studio for a school project. Jeff
has never let us down!
- Tom K
Arizona's Best Drum Instruction

Jeff has been teaching in the East Valley for over a decade. Drum Lessons
Arizona is Arizona's best private drum program. Here is why:

Key Features

Great Prices
All ages and skill levels welcome
Over 10 years in the East Valley
Fully equiped studios with acoustic drums
Recording studio
Recital space
Online lessons
Skype lessons
Jeff Farner is the owner of Drum Lessons Arizona and The East Valley Rocks
School of Music. He is the head drum instructor, author of lesson books, teaches
multiple instruments, and teaches all aspects of drumming and percussion, including
rock, jazz, mallets, double bass, marching and drumline,
world beats, solos and more.
Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to take lessons?
Beginners may want to think about taking lessons for an extended period of
time up to a full year.  It can take that long to learn to read music, become
comfortable with different styles of drumming, and become comfortable
with the drums. For advanced students, anywhere from 1-6 months might
be more appropriate.

Am I to old/young to begin learning drums?
NO! Students as young as 5 and any age can learn to play. All it takes is
some practice.

How often do I have to practice?
As often as possible. You will master the drums much faster if you have
time to practice. Most people do well with about 15-30 minutes, 4 times per

Do I have to have a drum set to take lessons?
No. Many people benefit from learning to play a single drum first (most
commonly a snare drum) and graduating to a drum set later.

How long before I can play in a band?
As a beginner, if you are willing to practice, if you put in the time and be
patient, you may be able to preform live with a band in as little as 4-6
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